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The Robot Manifesto

Posted by | April 2 | 1 Kommentar zu The Robot Manifesto

The Robot Manifesto will be a Code of Conduct for all stakeholders in the field of robotics, automation technology and artificial intelligence. It is based on the dialogue with all involved stakeholders, such as manufacturers, scientists, governments, society as well as ethicists. The main goal of everybody involved should be to meet the needs of […]

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European Robotics Forum 2017

Posted by | März 24 | 1 Kommentar zu European Robotics Forum 2017

The European Robotics Forum in Edinburgh was a great opportunity for our founder and chairman Dominik to discuss Robotic Governance, ELS as well as sustainable development of technologies for a new generation of Robotic Natives with the community.

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Posted by | März 15 | Keine Kommentare zu ELS

The abbreviation ELS is short for “ethical, legal and social” implications of robotics and artificial intelligence. Like the ELSI (ethical, legal and social implications) activities in the US and ELSA (ethical, legal and social aspects) in Europe that address the implications of e.g. genomics or nano technology, these topics are also of paramount importance for […]

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The first laws for robots

Posted by | Januar 5 | Keine Kommentare zu The first laws for robots

The first one who regulated robotics is of course Isaak Asimov. But still, as brilliant as his laws  are, some argue that most of the current approaches to create guidelines for roboethics as well as robot laws are based mainly on Asimov’s laws and that these are not reaching far enough. They are formulated in […]

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How do you feel about a robot tax?

Posted by | Oktober 31 | 1 Kommentar zu How do you feel about a robot tax?

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Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.

- Oscar Wilde

Audio Post

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What is Robotic and A.I. Governance?

Posted by | Februar 6 | 1 Kommentar zu What is Robotic and A.I. Governance?

In the past, business economists believed in the concept of the homo oeconomicus. The main scientific apporach of economy was based on shareholders maximizing their profits in order to survive in competition. On the other hand, there are many companies which engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and are still very successful. This should be […]

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