• Robotic & A.I. Governance
  • Sustainable Robotics & A.I
    for Humanity
  • Involve all Stakeholders
  • Define the Robot Manifesto
  • Frameworks
    for Self-Regulation

Robotic & A.I. GovernanceDriving Sustainable TechnologyInvolving StakeholdersProviding Guidelines for Self-RegulationDefining the Robot & A.I. Manifesto

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Robotic & A.I. Governance – Sustainable Robotics & A.I. for Humanity

 Our Grandchildren
= 1st Generation ‚R‘
of Robotic Natives
 Robotic Governance 
= Sustainable Robotics
 for Humanity
 Robot Manifesto 
= Framework
For Self-Regulation


We are living at the edge of a new time: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will change the world! 

Automation in the form of Autonomous, Smart Machines and A.I. will impact the world in the next 50 years as much as the Internet, PCs and IT technology have changed it in the last half a century. Self-driving cars, autonomous drones and smart assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa or Google Home are omnipresent in the media.

The development and rise of these disruptive technologies will affect everyone of us – it will concern humankind and societies globally on many levels: ethical, moral, socio-cultural, socio-political and socio-economic questions and issues have to be answered.

The Robotic Governance Foundation is committed to bring together all stakeholder-groups, foster a world-wide and interdisciplinary discussion, involve internationally renowned experts so that we can reach a consensus how to take responsibility for technology.
The findings are published as Robot & A.I. Manifesto – the foundation for frameworks and guidelines for voluntary self-regulation.

Robotic & A.I Governance – Engage and Help us drive Sustainable Robotics & A.I. for Humanity!

I DO [think we need Robotic Governance]!

- Max Levchin (Co-Founder and former CTO PayPal in his keynote at SXSW 2016) -

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Everybody’s Obligation: Responsible Handling of Tomorrow’s Disruptive Technologies!

We are at the edge of a new era: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation are going to shape the future. Like all disruptive technologies before, they offer plenty of chances. We already see paralyzed people walk with the help of exoskeletons and the first autonomous cars make their rounds on test tracks. But there will also be challenges and issues - as there are with nuclear energy, stem-cell research, genetic engineering or the internet.

The Robotic & A.I. Governance Foundation is leading the discussion about the impact of these technological disruptors on societies and humankind. It offers a platform to find the answers to such important questions like "Will the robots of the future be my companions, my competitors or "just" intelligent tools?" and "Will a program one day talk to me like a human being and I will no longer be able to spot the difference?".

Our work follows clearly defined principles and we are committed to transparency, inclusion and consensus.

getting into [the discussion about] a Robotic Governance – that’s very important!

- Dr. Bernd Liepert (President euRobotics aisbl in his plenary keynote at IROS 2015) -

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A Glimpse into the Future…

Albeit it is impossible to predict the future by crystal ball reading, the cause is not lost: closely observing long-term developments with global impact on humanity (the so-called Megatrends) offers a scientifically proven way to forecast how the world of tomorrow will look like.

Robotics, A.I. and Automation count within the disruptive technologies that will have the biggest impact on society in the future. The Robotic & A.I. Governance Foundation engages in Future Research to analyze and understand these trends. Based on the findings internationally renowned experts transparently develop frameworks and guidelines how to handle these technologies in a responsible and sustainable way.

Demographic Change

2020 – 50% of German population are 50+

Future of Work

2025: 16% of U.S. jobs affected by robotics and A.I.

A.I. is Growing

2025: A.I. market will grow 5700% to 36.8 billion

Fear of Robots

2016: 60% in U.S. fear, robots will lead to fewer jobs until 2025


2030 – 53.4% of world’s population living in cities

Robots on the Rise

2010 – 2015: 59% more industrial robots sold

Future of IoT

2025: 20.7 billion connected things

140 Years of Automation

1871 – 2016: study claims in the last 140 years automation only shifted (not destroyed) jobs


our grandchildren will grow up as first generation ‚R‘ of robotic natives!

- Dominik Boesl (Founder & Director, Robotic Governance Foundation) -

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Some of our most recent articles, videos and events...

Join our Workshops at the European Robotics Forum next week!

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Next week, we will be organizing three workshops at the European Robotics Forum in Tampere:   „Solving problems like corruption or crime by the means of robotics“ Tuesday, March 13th, 8:30 am – 10:00 am   „Legislation vs. selfregulation – how to shape the future of robotics?“ Thursday, March 15th, 10:45 am – 12:15 pm […]

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Absolutely! We need regulation […] a machine cannot be accountable for anything!

- Raja Chatila (Chair of IEEE AI & Ethics Initiative at IROS Futurist Forum 2016) -

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Getting Involved & Next Steps…

There are different ways to get involved with the Robotic & A.I. Governance Initiative. You want to learn more? You want to help us? You want to be part of Robotic & A.I. Governance? You want to shape the Future of Automation?
Great! Here are some of our next steps and how you can get involved:

The Robotic & A.I. Governance Foundation

We are currently in the process to form the

Robotic & A.I. Governance Foundation.

We believe, that a foundation ins the most neutral legal entity we can chose in order to stay as independent as possible.

You want to support us in this endeavor?

There are different ways to get involved that range from voluntary work, consulting us in the process of establishing a foundation or contributing content.

Every engagement is welcome!

Join our Events!

So far, we have mostly been organizing scientific events, like the 1st and 2nd IEEE IROS Futurist Forum – but there will be more! Stay tuned, meet us and discuss with us at one of our upcoming (virtual or real) events all over the globe!

Thank you!

The Robotic & A.I. Foundation has been, is and will always be relying on your support. As a Non-Profit Organisation, we thank all our proponents – anything you provide and do for us helps us to go on with our work!

Thank you, you are amazing!

You like our ideas, goals, integrative and transparent approach? Feel free to support us! No matter if you want to thank us, donate your work, ideas or maybe even some money: We are happy and thankful for all contributions!

How? Just get in touch and we will figure our the details! 

Spread the Word!

The Robotic & A.I. Governance Foundation is build based on contribution from all different kinds of stakeholders.

Your opinion is very important!

If you like our work or if you are already part of our or other similar efforts: Spread the Word! Feel free to talk about Robotic & A.I. Governance, share and link to our content and connect your content and initiatives with ours! You want to feature our work in press, media, blogs etc and have questions? Get in touch and we will be happy to help you!

Be Part of it!

Become one of the Stakeholders shaping Robotic & A.I. Governance! Reach out to us and learn where, when and how our interdisciplinary experts meet. Work and publish with us the Frameworks and Guidelines to shape the future!

Robot & A.I. Manifesto

Contribute to our publications, including the Robot & A.I. Manifesto – the foundation for all our other frameworks and guidelines.
Or you engage in one of our other projects – our work spans all kinds of publications: Blogs, Articles, Scientific Papers, Books, ethical Case Studies, Videos, Podcasts – there are many ways to share your thoughts with the community and foster the interdisciplinary discussion.

When we bring robotics into our lives, there is an element of our culture that we’re impacting in our experience.

- Linda Bernardi (Former Chief Innovation Officer, IBM Corp. in her plenary keynote at IROS Futurist Forum 2016) -

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We are constantly refining and enhancing the concept of Robotic Governance and are currently concentrating all our efforts on drafting the Robot Manifesto. Here's some of our work.

Video: Gerd Hirzinger on the Future of Robotics

Event / Interview / Video

2nd IEEE IROS Futurist Forum at IROS 2016 in Daejeon, South Korea

Event / Publication / Web

Paper: Technology Governance – IEEE EmergiTech 2016

Event / Publication

Video: Oussama Khatib on Robotic Governance

Event / Interview / Publication / Video

Paper: Generation R / Robotic Natives – IEEE EmergiTech 2016

Event / Publication

Paper: 4 Robotic Revolutions – IEEE IROS 2016

Event / Publication

1st IEEE IROS Futurist Forum 2015 in Hamburg, Germany

Publication / Video / Web

Video: Bernd Liepert – President euRobotics aisbl on Robotic Governance

Event / Video


- Henrik I. Christensen (Director UC San Diego Robotics Lab & Editor U.S. Robotics Roadmap) -

Video Interview

Our Team

The Robotic & A.I. Governance Foundation tries to leverage a lot with a small footprint. All our work is currently driven by volunteers - Contributers, Experts, Stakeholders, .... They all engage on a honorary basis to shape a sustainable Future of Robotics, A.I. and Automation for our grandchildren - the first Generation 'R' of Robotic Natives.


You want to know more?

Please feel free to contact us at any time with feedback, suggestions or if you want to contribute.
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Olympiastrasse 6a, 86179 Augsburg, Germany

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